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Local Youth Club praises Premier League Kicks

Members of Taibach Youth Club were treated to a visit from Club Ambassador and former striker Lee Trundle during their football coaching session with our Premier League Kicks project.

Getting involved in the session to help coach the participants before hosting a Q&A session, Trundle showed his continued support of the Premier League Kicks project after yet another season helping our coaches to inspire people throughout our local communities.

“It was great to have Lee Trundle come to Taibach Youth Club,” said Liam Ellis, one of our Premier League Kicks Coaches. “The participants throughout the Kicks project have always shown a keen knowledge and eager participation in football,” he continued.

“It was also fantastic to see girls getting involved with the football side of things who normally don’t want to be involved at the Youth Club and we on the Kicks project are grateful to Lee for his continued support, in helping to encourage sports participation in young people,” Liam added.

It wasn’t just Trunds however, that has had a positive impact on the dedicated participants that attend our PL Kicks sessions each week, as the staff and members of the Youth Club were full of praise for project and Liam in particular.

“The young people involved in the project have gained significantly from Liam’s engagement with them and this has included a recent trip to play a tournament alongside young people associated with Aston Villa Football Club,” said Debbie Harries, the Head of Taibach Youth Club.

“Liam’s commitment and dedication to the project each week has shown the young people how sport can be used in a constructive way. As a representative of the PL Kicks project, Liam has been an outstanding role model to all the young people at Taibach Youth Club and we hope that through the Kicks project, he is able to continue in the future,” Debbie continued. “The young people’s confidence and self-esteem have increased from the Kicks project and staff have observed an improvement in both attitudes and behaviour.”

Thomas Murry, a Premier League Kicks participant at the Youth Club, echoed this sentiment saying, “Lee Trundle’s visit was an inspiration to the club as we all were very happy to welcome him. Our coach Liam has been amazing and treats us all equally with pride and joy. On behalf of the club we would like to thank Liam and Lee Trundle.”

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