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PL Enterprise launches football coaching sessions

The Swans Community Trust’s Premier League Enterprise project has now introduced football coaching sessions as part of their course delivered to schools.

In addition to in-class sessions focusing on developing students’ Literacy, Numeracy and Enterprise skills, the educational package that PL Enterprise delivers to local schools has been bolstered by the introduction of new coaching sessions to encourage more junior Jacks to keep active.

“Premier League Enterprise are now offering football coaching sessions as part of the course that is delivered to local schools,” said Graham Smith, our PL Enterprise Co-ordinator. “We believe it’s a great incentive for kids who take part and helps encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle and increase their participation in sports.”

Made up of a mix of fun games and mini matches, the football coaching sessions have proved popular with PL Enterprise participants so far, after being introduced in a couple local schools

“The football sessions, as well as learning about advertising and creating our own adverts, were my favourite parts of Premier League Enterprise,” said Harvey from Morriston Comprehensive, one of the first schools to receive these new sessions. “The coaching helps to get us active,” he added and he’s not the only one who enjoyed the afternoon.

Emily, also from Morriston Comprehensive, was full of praise for both the academic and sporting side of the course saying, “Most kids now just play Xbox but these sessions encourage us to get active and take part in sport.

“The sessions at the Liberty Stadium were also good because in class, I’m not very confident working with people but in Enterprise we worked in little groups and I got to meet people and get to know them better. What we learn in the sessions is different to what we normally learn in school so it’s a good project,” she finished.

The announcement comes towards the end of yet another successful season for our Premier League Enterprise project that not only saw our team reach the Regional Play-Offs of the PL Enterprise Challenge, but also witnessed the programme move into Higher Education for the first time with the introduction of the Business in the Bay Challenge.

If you want to find out more, or get your school involved, please email

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