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Virgin Media staff get Healthy Together

Virgin Media have been getting into shape this Summer with our Healthy Together project’s ‘Drop a Shirt Size Challenge.’

Over the course of 10 weeks, Virgin Media staff have been taking part in the challenge organised by the Community Trust’s Healthy Together project and have been achieving great progress.

Based on the ‘Foodwise for Life’ structured programme – which utilises evidence based approaches to weight management – and written by Public Health Dietitians in Wales (PHDiW), the challenge is an adult/parent weight management programme specifically designed for Virgin Media Staff.

Given time to attend the sessions by Virgin Media, the staff attended weekly sessions comprised of an hour long education portion, followed by 45 minutes of exercise, which were consistently well attended.

Aiming to lose 5% of their original bodyweight over the 10 weeks – with those successfully doing so receiving a free Swans shirt – the participants were shocked at how easy making healthier choices and changes can be and the majority experienced noticeable changes.

A total of 20 out of 39 participants achieved their targets with most overachieving and in some cases, people were able to lose 10-24lbs. This coincided well with people losing between 6 and 24 inches overall (waist, hips and chest).

Not only did they achieve high levels of weight loss, but they also achieved noticeable changes to their health.

“Taking part in the workplace challenge was initially to lose a bit of weight and improve my fitness,” said one successful participant. “After reaching my 60th birthday last year and having stopped smoking three years ago, which led to a weight gain, I felt it was time that I did something. 

“I had dabbled before in joining gyms and slimming clubs but had failed to stick to anything long term. I had the added problem of being treated for High Blood Pressure – something I had been taking medication for since I was 30.

“After joining the challenge, not only have I dropped a dress size, started taking regular exercise and eating more healthily, but I have now got normal blood pressure,” they continued. “My doctor is delighted and is monitoring it to make sure it continues with a view of reducing my medication as low as possible. In addition to this, I am now sleeping better and I have also had a complete remission of psoriasis, which I am sure is down to a change of diet and drinking more water.

“Taking part in the workplace challenge has turned out to be one of the most important decisions I have ever made and the results speak for themselves. I am going to miss our weekly sessions but I am determined to continue with the changes I have made,” they finished.

In addition to these positive health changes, another participant recorded improvement that been made to their sleep apnea with the machine that they use for treatment having a drastically reduced input during the night. A third member was also excited that their diabetes nurse was incredibly impressed by their blood glucose score at a regular check-up.

If you would like further information on the Trust’s health programmes, please contact our Healthy Together Co-ordinator, Debbie Boulter on or call her on 075511 70552

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