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Neath Flyers presented with SwansAid grant

A local trampolining club have become the latest organisation to benefit from the Club’s grant-giving pot, SwansAid, after receiving funding worth £410.

Presented by members of the Community Trust and Lee Trundle, the Neath Flyers will use the grant to expand their facilities to cater for a wider audience of young participants.

“The funds will be used to buy a new competition level trampoline, which will enable the club to add an additional eight bouncers per week to the weekly attendance,” said Chris Scurrah from the Neath Flyers. “It will also allow all members to have a better experience and enable the competitors to be better prepared for competitions,” he continued.

Catering for children aged between 4-16, as well as young adults, the Neath Flyers Trampoline Club provides coaching at a recreational and competition level for over 50 members in the Neath area.

In addition to the obvious physical benefits that trampolining has on its young members, including increased health and well-being, the activity provides a strong base for children to undertake other sporting activities as it develops their core strength and co-ordination skills, which are key for most sports.

Currently however, the Club is operating at their maximum capacity and therefore can’t take on additional members due to a limit of how many children can safely be on each of their current four trampolines.

“The club currently has a long waiting list and does not have the latest type of trampoline used at competitions. This new trampoline, and related safety equipment, will allow more children to participate in this activity,” Chris added.

The SwansAid grant will therefore make the sport accessible to more budding young trampoliners in Neath’s local communities, but will also unlock funds from Sports Wales for the Club.

For more information on SwansAid please contact Helen Elton on

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