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PL Kicks shows support for Don't Drink and Drown campaign

PL Kicks and the Community Trust have showed their support to a new campaign aiming to warn people about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol close to areas of water.

The ‘Don’t Drink and Drown’ campaign will be rolled out across Swansea this week, with visits to thousands of students and busy city centre nightspots.

The initiative comes after numerous deaths in Swansea and figures from the Royal Lifesaving Society that show on average, 400 people drown every year across the UK, whilst a 2016 Pulic Health Wales report into drowning fatalities in Wales showed that 33% involved alcohol.

“After recent incidents we are only too pleased to help raise awareness around this Campaign, hopefully together we can encourage people to act responsibly,” said Ian Owen, PL Kicks’ Co-ordinator.

“Alcohol makes people more confident, but less co-ordinated,” added Andrew Suter from Swansea Council’s Water Safety Team. “It also impairs judgement, makes people more likely to take risks, numbs people’s senses and slows down reactions. If you’ve had too much to drink, then it makes swimming your way out of trouble especially difficult if you’ve fallen or slipped into a body of water.

“This partnership campaign is urging people to remember the dangers posed by too much alcohol if their walk home after a night out takes them alongside or close to a body of water. We’re also calling on people to keep an eye out for their friends to make sure they get home safely, too,” he said.

As well as the Community Trust, the campaign’s partners include the Royal Lifesaving Society, Swansea University, Swansea Council, South Wales Police, Swansea Drug Aid and the Mid and West Wales Fire Service, as well as Club Ambassador Lee Trundle.

“It’s a fantastic campaign that aims to tackle a serious issue in Swansea,” Trunds said. “It’s great for the Swans Community Trust to get fully behind it and I’m proud to show my support.”

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