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Participants complete Parent Programme

The latest participants of Healthy Together’s ‘Drop a Shirt Size Challenge’ received their free Swansea City AFC shirts this week after successfully hitting their health related targets.

Lasting 10 weeks, the challenge is a part of the project’s Parent Programme that also includes weight management workshops and physical activity sessions.

Designed as an incentive to increase the participants’ drive and motivation towards losing a healthy amount of weight, the challenge is taken by parents aiming to adopt healthier lifestyles.

“Although our programme is primarily concerned with our attendees overall health, we also like to be realistic with our adult participants and help them work towards reaching a healthier weight,” said Jack Spillets, one of the Trust’s Healthy Lifestyle Officers.

“We have elected to set them the target of losing 5% of their total bodyweight,” he continued. “This should roughly equate to 1-2lbs per week for most people, which is recommended by the NHS as being healthy.”

The participants of the challenge are then given 10 weeks to achieve this figure. This allows them the opportunity to take on board and apply the messages, tips and tricks that Healthy Together delivers within the workshops, and it’s something that the majority do successfully.

“I’ve really enjoyed the workshops and I’ve learnt a lot,” said Karys Turner, one of the successful participants. “Compared to other things that I’ve done, I’ve related to this one a lot more,” she continued, and as a result, Karys and her fellow participants, have been able to adapt their lifestyles to become healthier.

“I don’t like veg but I now know how to sneak a few into my meals,” Karys joked. “I’ve been walking everywhere too and I’ve been taking my son to play areas and parks a lot more. When I go on the bus, I also get off at the stop before my usual stop so I can walk the rest.”

In addition to the 10 week Parent Programme that encompasses our ‘Drop a Shirt Size Challenge,’ Healthy Together offers a Family Programme as well Youth Workshops, all designed to get you and your family on the road to healthy living.

If you wanted to find out more or were interested in signing up to one of Healthy Together’s programmes, please contact the project’s Co-ordinator, Debbie Boulter on or ring her on 075511 70552.

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