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Marketing Department's Marathon Blog: The Wolf Pack

A lone wolf is rarely as successful as the pack.

United, the pack runs as one, using its combined skills to track and hunt its prey. Alone, it goes hungry.

Within the heart of the Liberty dwells our pack. Together our skills and expertise merge to form our marketing team. Divided however, we would struggle to send the post successfully each day.

But teamwork doesn’t solely allow us to do our jobs at the Club we all love, it is helping us through our Half Marathon training.

Like the wolf pack, we run as one.

If someone falls behind, we stick together (well, most of us anyway). If someone isn’t feeling up to it, we motivate them to get into gear (or shame them until they reluctantly run). If someone’s headphones die mid run, we’ll run through the streets with Adele on full blast playing straight from our phones instead.

Since those frightful early runs, that left us feeling as dark as the January evenings when we ran, it’s our teamwork that has got us to where we are now and it is this teamwork that will get us all across the finish line.

Each running nearly 100km (except Ash who’s put in a great effort of 10km and Sarah who’s leading the pack with 114km), we’re now spending more time on the road than glued to Netflix, and that’s saying something (although Once Upon A Time remains many of our true loves).

As a team we’ve put in the hours, as a team we’ve made sure everyone gets back to the Stadium in one piece after each run and as a team we’ve ran a collective total of 463km… that’s the equivalent of running a relay to London and back and the equates to hundreds of blisters.

Come race day however, our Half Marathon pack will unite at the start line minus two members.

You see, two of us won’t be running.

Unlike Hannah, Sarah, Adam, Ashton and Jordan who have all signed up, Bec and Julie have not.

Do they have injuries? They, do not. Are they just lazy? Far from it, they’ve fully immersed themselves in our training regime. Do they prefer cycling? Maybe, but it’s more of a case that they just haven’t broken under the peer pressure. Even Hannah’s pooch Billy, who has taken part in his fair share of training sessions, would sign up if dogs were allowed.

We are hopeful however, that soon, they will crack, sign up and join us.

So we beg you, help us to unite our pack so that we can run as one. Help us to persuade Bec and Julie to take the plunge and sign up by answering our Twitter poll HERE.

If you want to sign up and run with us for the Trust, just click HERE!

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