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Marketing Department's Marathon Blog: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure usually takes the form of someone encouraging you to do something you know you shouldn’t.

You may be urged to go off the rails, you may even be persuaded to dabble in something slightly frowned upon, or you might be pressured to take a walk on the wild side. In the Swans’ Marketing Department however, there’s no walking whatsoever as the peer pressure takes a slightly faster form; running.

Some bosses make you stay late and others bury you in work, but our boss Hannah, makes us do half marathons.

One by one we succumbed and one by one we signed up (well, nearly all... five out of seven of us have signed up, but we’re still working on getting the remaining two members of the team to sign up) and there's no looking back now.

We may well be doing it for charity and after a few sessions, it might well be fun and good for our health, but our marathon story hasn’t always been told with a smile.

While most look forward to clocking off on a Friday, we would fear the end of the working week as it would only mean one thing; our second group training session of the week.

The runs would leave us battered and bruised (some more than others) and the aftermath we felt in the beginning was similar to what we would have felt if we had given in to the peer pressure of a night of heavy drinking. Our hamstrings howled, our calves cramped and our quads bawled in agony as if our half marathon was on Wind Street rather than on the roads of Swansea. And like hung over wrecks, we’ve done our fair share of throwing up into bushes, but despite it all, it’s getting easier.

With Hannah at the helm, a team of marketers that would rather spend their evenings eating their way out from under a pile of pizza whilst binging on Netflix, have transformed themselves into amateur athletes who have caught the running bug (although we still enjoy the likes of Homeland, Once Upon A Time and Making a Murderer in moderation).

Her training regime may have resulted in our lunches reappearing by the side of the road and lunchtime cheesecakes may have been confiscated from our desks and thrown in the bin, but we’re staying on track.

With every session, it's getting easier and nothing beats the feeling of finishing each run. No longer do we watch the clock with fear on a Friday, knowing that we will have to run at 5pm sharp. We now look forward to getting in gear and adding a few more notches on our running apps.

Not only has succumbing to peer pressure gotten us all on the track to living healthier lifestyles however, it’s also helping our charity, The Swans Community Trust. Pledging to run the half with the charity, all our sponsorship will go towards helping the Trust to continue to deliver health, education and youth engagement projects across our local communities and we’d love our fans to join us on our running journey.

Feel free to come down to the Liberty Stadium on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm and join our runs (unless Hannah and Jordan, the self-titled ‘Assistant Marathon Manager’ are both busy. In which case, the rest of the team will most probably skive off like they did during Half Term), or sign up, train at your own pace and in your own time and we’ll see you at the start line!

We are a way off yet but the finish line is slowly beginning to come into focus.

If you want to enter the JCP Swansea Half Marathon and run with us, sign up HERE and if you want to train with our team, feel free to join us outside the Liberty on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5pm. If you don’t fancy running however, you can still donate to our Just Giving page HERE.

Follow our training on Twitter @scfcommunitytr where we’ll post our progress and let you know when and where we’re running and answer any questions you have.

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