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Getting #HealthyTogether: Snacking

You’re on the sofa watching TV and reach out for a bag of crisps, or perhaps you’re at your desk at work counting down the minutes to five with a chocolate bar in hand, or maybe you’ve just got nothing else to do and open the fridge to see what treasures lie within; we’ve all been there and we’re all snack fiends.

But snacking doesn’t have to be bad for you, in fact, healthy snacks throughout the day are a good thing! Snacking is actually pretty important, and here’s why:
• If you are busy, it is important to snack on healthy foods between meals to give you the fuel you need to keep going.
• Having healthy snacks can help you to achieve the essential nutrients needed for good health.
• Healthy snacking can stabilise your blood glucose levels to prevent you from grazing on less healthy foods.
• Snacking can prevent you from over eating at mealtimes.

So if snacking is so important, what should you be nibbling on between meals? Well stay away from sugary drinks, crisps, chocolate, biscuits and pastries and try some of these:
• Plain popcorn
• Crackers
• Fruit scones
• Bagels
• Fruit and veg with a low fat dip made from cottage cheese
• Some cereals
• Toast

Now we bet that all that talk of snacks has got your stomach grumbling, so go grab some crackers and low fat cheese and stay tuned for the final part of our Getting #HealthyTogether series covering meal planning.

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