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Volunteer with Walking Football

With Hearty Live’s Walking Football initiative continuing to grow throughout South West Wales, we are looking to recruit volunteers to help us deliver our sessions.

We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to lead our groups as we expand into more sports centres including Llandarcy and Meadow View.

As a volunteer, you’ll not only be supporting an initiative that helps to create excellent opportunities for individuals from many walks of life, you’ll be able to socialise with our team and participants, as well as improving both your mental and physical health and wellbeing in the process.

As well as gaining an array of skills, our volunteers can take advantage of a variety of training opportunities and the benefits include, but are not limited to:
• The opportunity to bolster your C.V. with accreditation, crucial and transferrable skills, not to mention numerous qualifications.
• The opportunity to work alongside others and develop new working relationships within your community.
• Gaining the satisfaction in helping others to achieve long lasting lifestyle changes that will benefit their health.
• Being able to enjoy quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle.

The role of a volunteer involves:
• Organising the teams of a Walking Football session.
• Refereeing the game.
• Taking registration and other stats for monitoring purposes.
• Liaising with co-ordinators from both the project and the venue.
• Communicating arrangements with the group members.
• Being responsible for emergency first aid.
• Attending training and workshops to build upon your own knowledge and skills.
• Attend events and workshops, as well as being involved in project preparation and planning.

For more information, please contact Leonne by calling 07876885194 or email him on

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