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Signing Up To Success: Thomas' Story

Over the course of its first year, each of the four courses run by Sign Up To Success recorded positive ratings, but one of the most successful was Hirwaun’s.

With 59% of the learners partaking in the course finding employment, it recorded one of the highest rates and shows what a great impact the project can have, as well as the affect of the participants on each other, especially Thomas Booth.

Attending the Hirwaun SUTS course, Thomas achieved amazing outcomes and embodied what the scheme is all about.

From day one, Thomas fully immersed himself into the project in a bid to better himself, as well as those around him

“Thomas, although with myself for only 10 weeks, had a massive impact not only on the group and the respect he had from his peers, but also on myself as a trainer,” said Michael Howard, Sign Up To Success’ Project Co-ordinator.

Throughout the project, Thomas achieved his CSCS Card, Level 1 in Health and Safety in Construction, Level 1 in Preparation to Employment, as well as completing the course with 100% attendance, all while helping his fellow learners.

“Thomas helped create a great working environment for the learners to improve their confidence and self-esteem,” Michael continued. “Thomas did this alongside myself by improving the learners’ competitiveness in their day-to-day job search. He had an appetite for supporting others and making sure everybody was ready for all the challenges they faced and did so using his excellent communication skills and light hearted humour.”

On completing the course, Thomas was successful in removing any barriers he may have faced beforehand to finding a sustainable job, and he has since gained, and is still in, employment.

“A big thanks to Mike and Swansea City AFC for all the help and guidance towards looking for employment,” Thomas said. “Since the course, my confidence has boosted and I’ve started to believe in myself more. I am now in employment because of it and I really appreciate all the help,” he continued.

For more information on the project, please call Michael Howard on 07884667434, or email him on


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