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Kicks trip to Fire Service College

Swansea City Community Trust's Kicks project staff joined Mid and West Wales Fire Service on their annual summer trip to the Fire Service College in Gloucestershire last week.

The two day trip consisted of the young fire fighters getting stuck in with a variety of different team building exercises around the college site, followed by fire drills in the training yard.

The first of the four exercises aimed to work on the firefighters' memories and they had three minutes to remember where items were on a tarpaulin. It was then covered up and they had to go away and write down what the items were and where they were placed under the tarpaulin.

They then had to work as a team in the second exercise to get a bucket out of an area that they were forbidden to enter and to do so using only one length of rope. As a team, they were required to create a plan to successfully free the bucket from the area.

The third exercise saw the fire fighters head to the college's new simulation pod, where as a group they were tasked with controlling a reported fire. Each group was given the scenario of a seventh floor flat fire and they were required to decide what equipment was needed at the scene and how many fire engines, ambulances and police would be required.

The final part of their afternoon saw them team up with the Kicks staff, where they took part in an array of footballing activities, aimed at developing the team dynamics and their communication skills, both vital parts of being a fire fighter.

After a rest and some food, more footballing activities followed into the evening, as well as ronders to continue to build their team work and communication skills.

Friday then saw the group hit the training ground where they undertook drills and scenarios that they would likely face upon graduating to full time fire fighters, such as a road traffic collision, securing a ladder to a building and running a hose up to the first floor, as well as a search and rescue exercise.

The two day scheme demonstrates how transferrable the skills, such as teamwork and communication, that are learnt on the football pitch really are and how the work of the Community Trust and its Kicks project goes far beyond the training field in order to bring communities together.

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