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Ziggies, a proven family engagement tool for children aged between 3-8, becomes the tenth programme run by the Trust and will be rolled out soon.

With the aim of giving parents the confidence to encourage and support their child’s love of stories and physical literacy, irrespective of their own abilities or confidence levels, Ziggies will be run as an after school club across the local area.

Ziggies however isn’t solely for the kids, it delivers a whole family approach, which is just one of its strengths. It is a peer mentoring programme delivered by parents, to parents and supported by centrally employed project co-ordinators. These co-ordinators train and support parent-volunteers to enable them to run the after school sessions.

The programme has already achieved success in other areas where it has been run and has gone down well with children, parents and teachers alike.

“Ziggies is the best after school club we have ever run,” said Sue Belcher, Maerdy Community Primary School’s Head Teacher.

“Both parents and their children love it. Personally, I love working with the team and the way Ziggies has increased parental involvement in my school,” she continued.

Each weekly session will consist of an interactive story time where a popular short children’s book will be read aloud by the person leading it. A short Q&A session about the story will follow, before engaging the children and parents in fun activities based on the book, such as making masks featuring the story’s characters. The session will wrap up with a recap and a discussion to ensure that the parents have learned the skills needed to replicate it at home.

Kathleen Mogford, the programme Co-ordinator, said; “We also aim to improve other skills through the medium of literacy, such as communication and listening to stories, as well as creative skills, through the use of arts and crafts, and promote physical development with the session related activities, whilst enjoying quality time with families and having plenty of fun! 

“Ziggies will be a great addition to the fantastic work that’s already being done.”

If you or your school want to get involved, or for more information, please contact Kathleen on

Player Ambassador: Jack Cork