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Premier League Enterprise

Premier League Enterprise

Premier League Enterprise is an exciting programme that aims to give young people a head start in the world of business by looking at how a Premier League football club like Swansea City AFC runs behind the scenes.

Now into its third year of delivery, Premier League Enterprise has worked with over 600 pupils from comprehensive schools across south Wales. 

The Premier League Enterprise programme is an educational package that can be embedded within the Welsh curriculum. It is tied in with the Literacy and Numeracy Framework and reflects the aim of developing children that are 'enterprising, creative contributors and are ready to play a full part in life and work.' 

It is designed to help prepare participants for the Welsh Baccalaurate Enterprise and Employability Challenge, teaching them key concepts such as the 5P’s and developing skills such as teamwork, initiative, planning and presentation. 

As well as building those key skills, young people taking part in the programme report increased confidence, better engagement with school, improved attendance and raised aspirations. One pupil from Pentrehafod School in Swansea told Premier League Enterprise staff that taking part in the programme “really made me enjoy school more and work harder in lessons. It was good to be able to learn about football and it helped me get my Maths and English better."                                                    

It’s not just the pupils who see the benefits of Premier League Enterprise either! An Assistant Head Teacher from Ysgol Maesteg School commented that "the pupils really enjoy the sessions and are getting a lot from them in terms of confidence and improved behavior.”

Each group of pupils taking part gets to spend two school days at the Liberty, learning what goes on in the stadium every day and finding out about the different people who work for the club. They get a further 10 hours of teaching in their school, which reinforces and develops what they have learnt on their days at the stadium.

Graham Smith, our Premier League Enterprise Coordinator, is excited by the response to Premier League Enterprise right across our region. “This is what Swansea City AFC Community Trust is all about; getting into our local communities and making a difference. It’s fantastic to be able to watch the young people who take part in the programme grow in confidence and develop skills that will help them fulfill their potential both in school and afterwards.”

If you would like to know more about Premier League Enterprise please contact Graham:


Tel: 07469158112